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Norway + Sweden private EXPRESS (30€) courier delivery now AVAILABLE!

DS150E/CDP+ new update released,now comes with DS150E & CDP+ 2016.R0 version + WOW CIS 190 (Truck version)

KTAG new update released, now comes with V2.25 version!

KESS new update released, now comes with V2.47 version!

Renault Can Clip new version released V185 + Reprog V172!

FVDI / AVDI new 2018 version released! Click here

OPCOM new update released, now comes with V1.99 version!

VAS5054A ODIS 4.4.10 + ODIS-E 9.0.4 FULL! Click here

Payments through Western Union & Revolut + Monzo are now AVAILABLE!

Our recommended diagnostic tools for cars!

Auto Diagnostic tools

High quality and afforadable price auto diagnostic tools. These tools are for men who loves their vehicles and wants to take care of it and check parameters in real time. What could be more important for a man than a clean and up to date vehicle. We serve private clients, services and we also send diagnostic tools worldwide. Website is created for customers to be more comfortable and time saving. Everyone will find something for himself fast and easy. You can choose our products, pay for them and everything takes up to 5 minutes only! High quality tools is our guarantee for YOU!

Can't find device that you looking for?

Looking for something and you cannot find it anywhere? We have the solution for you! Contact us by CLICKING HERE and we will try to offer you the device that you need. Best quality for reasonable price. For DHL & TNT express shipping, please include your area ZIP code so that we can forward you the updated shipping price for your location.

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